Applications for 2021 are now closed

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Are you a Graduate Student within the Arts?

Are you a Graduate Student within the Sciences? 


Applications due: July 21, 2021 by 11:59PM



Who we are: 

Marie Christine Kohler Fellows @ WID are graduate students selected on the strength of their creative abilities and their commitment to contribute to interdisciplinary thought. Kohler Fellows work and collaborate within the Illuminating Discovery Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID), connecting across the arts and sciences (within WID, campus, and the broader community) through a range of events and projects. 

What we do:

The Fellowship pairs science fellows with art fellows to nucleate around interdisciplinary thought, and co-create science-art fusion projects and/or events for the public.

What you get:

An amazing network of fellows, science-art fusion professional practice. In addition, fellows receive a stipend, and science-art fusion project funding support. 

Application information:

We will be accepting up to two scientists, and up to two artists, for the 2021 cohort. The fellowship will be a one-year commitment. Science and art graduate students from across UW-Madison campus are encouraged to apply.