Current Fellows

Art Fellows

Mateusz (Matt) Ferens

Credentials: Cross-cultural exchange in the Eastern Mediterranean; Art and visual culture of Byzantium

Position title: he/him/his

Aedan Gardill

Credentials: Precision measurements with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

Position title: he/him/his

Hong Huo

Credentials: Expanding the notion of animation through multiple disciplines such as drawing, performance and mix-media installation.

Position title: she/her/hers

Derek Kiesling

Credentials: I am curious how new tools and knowledge being developed in science and engineering will impact the kinds of artistic expression that are available to us.

Position title: he/him/his

Kaitlin Moore

Credentials: Poetic practices aimed at (image)ining cosmological time-space topologies

Position title: they/them/theirs

Science Fellows

Anna Gregory

Credentials: Pathogenic mechanisms of Clostridioides difficile

Position title: she/her/hers

Tiffany Harris

Credentials: Developing a mouse model to study pathogenicity of gonorrhea.

Position title: she/her/hers

Namita Khajanchi

Credentials: Determined to figure out how the world works, one research paper and one experiment at a time.

Position title: she/her/hers

Kushin Mukherjee

Credentials: Modeling how we learn and represent visual concepts and use them to perform visual tasks

Position title: he/him/his

Lena Vincent

Credentials: The chemical origins of life and the potential for life on other worlds

Position title: she/her/hers