Current Fellows

Art Fellows

Kate Davidson

Credentials: Using interactive sculpture and site-specific installation to explore how light and water shift our relationship to the built environment.

Position title: she/they

Casey Fletcher

Credentials: Researching the relationship between the arts and embodiment, auto-immune disorders, concepts of race, and faith.

Position title: he/him/his

Paulina King

Credentials: Relationship between humans and the natural environment

Position title: she/her

Sharon Tang

Credentials: Staph aureus toxin effects on vascular repair and development of infective endocarditis

Position title: she/her/hers

Meg Wilson

Credentials: Art and Ecology of the Present

Position title: they/them

Science Fellows

Katharine Hubert

Credentials: Hox gene transcription factor contribution to repair in adult bone fractures

Position title: she/her/hers

Celeste Huff

Credentials: I study the ways bees impact the microbial communities on flower surfaces.

Position title: she/her

Tanuj Kumar

Credentials: My research is in the field of optics and photonics, and I’m currently working on measuring optical loss in silicon nitride for laser-sail applications.

Position title: he/him/his

Michelle Marji

Credentials: Michelle studies the intersections of human movement through space, emotion, identity, and social equity.

Position title: she/her

James Wedum

Credentials: Researching novel interfaces to facilitate access to XR devices for people with visual impairments.

Position title: he/him