Introducing Praveen Maripelly

Curiosity About Science:

I spent my childhood interestingly because I used to dismantle newly bought toys to find inside engineering. My mother used to scold me because I separated parts of toys rather than enjoying the toy itself. It was my initial motivation/curiosity to get an interest in science. I continued my interest in science further in education until my 11&12th class. I took a drastic step toward fine arts and away from science. But my interest in science never goes down. I tried in many ways to bring science into my art practices. For instance, I employed maths diagrams and science & technology images to address issues around humanity and nature during my master of visual arts in printmaking. Since then, science has been directly/indirectly part of my experimental art practices to address issues in the community.

Science and Art Fusion Project: Mindful Technology

The “Mindful Technology” project was a part of “The Future Is Here-2019” curated by Arshiya Lokhandwala in Mumbai. In this project, I combined art, yoga, and science. My project objective is how science and mindfulness together improve human life better in terms of physical and mental health. The role of art was to create an aesthetical experience where participants interacted with each art piece. All of my art pieces have science elements that was interactive and experiential.

Art, Science, and Community

Kohler Fellowship is a big motivation to bring science to the community regardless of gender, race, caste, and ethnicity through arts. Arts and science are interconnected and reciprocal to each other in many ways. I aim to make science accessible and engaging through pedagogy by employing art aesthetics like books and objects. During my fellowship, I will engage with a science partner to brainstorm ideas about art and science fusion that can be easily accessible to learn about science concepts concerning the real world. In this way, my interest in Kohler Fellowship is to establish inclusion, equity, and diversity through science and art project.