Marie Christine Kohler Fellows @ WID Co-sponsor European Refugee Film at Wisconsin Film Fest

The Marie Christine Kohler Fellows @ WID are hosting a panel discussion following the Wisconsin Film Festival screening of Guido Hendrikx’s Stranger in Paradise. The film will be shown on Tuesday, April 4th at 6:30pm at the Sundance Theater in Madison.

The film is described as “quite literally, a classroom exercise which assembles would-be migrants in a Lampedusa detention center and gives them – and the viewer – a brutally direct lesson in the realities of European refugee politics.”

The Kohler Fellows are sponsoring a 30-minute panel discussion following the film which will feature four scholars from a range of disciplines across campus whose academic work speaks to the themes of this film. Kohler Fellow Kate Sprecher will moderate the discussion.

Included on the panel are:

Lesley Bartlett


Educational Policy Studies

Sarah McKinnon

Assistant Professor

Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture

Venkat Mani


German, Turkish

Nora Stone

Teaching Assistant


The Marie Christine Kohler Fellows @ WID are a group of interdisciplinary scholars based at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary thought within the University of Wisconsin community and beyond.